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Forrest House Big Reveal – HeroWork’s Community Radical Reno Project is Great Success


The day we have been eagerly waiting for has finally arrived!  Forrest House Big Reveal — HeroWork’s Community Radical Reno Project for Threshold Housing Society has concluded successfully on Sunday, October 5th.

The newly renovated Forrest House is not only exquisitely beautiful inside & out, it’s also practical, safe & sustainable for the next 20 years.  Plumbing & electrical have been re-done, so everything is up to code.  Interior designers lay out three 2-bedroom suites & one office suite, each with a different touch, yet all warm & welcoming.  Threshold’s SHY program finally has a home, and the three suites would be the most beautiful units we have in the program for youth to live in.

Every little detail has be thought of — the kitchens come fully loaded with cookware & utensils; the bedroom windows have thick curtains; each living room has a TV; arts around the house are customized; there is a garden space with premium soil ready for planting; garage roof is re-done; laundry room has a huge sink for hand-washings…

No amount of words are enough to express our gratitude & amazement at what this project has accomplished.  We are sincerely grateful & thankful for all the time, energy & all contributions the sponsors, contractors & volunteers have put into this project for the youth.

All Are Welcome at the Big Reveal on Sunday, Oct. 5th @ 3pm

Join us, bring your family — All are welcome at the Big Reveal on Sunday, October 5th @ 3pm, at 1508 Davie Street (corner of Oak Bay Ave & Davie Street).

The Herowork’s Extreme Reno Project for Threshold Housing Society is in it’s last stage.  Only one more weekend to complete the job, and the Big Reveal is this Sunday.  Photograph by Adrian Lam, Times Colonist

This is what Times Colonist’s Sarah Petrescu has to report —

ChekTV News: Herowork Renovates for Threshold Housing Society

ChekTV News aired this clip on August 11th, 2014.

Herowork founder, Paul Latour, is calling for volunteers to help renovate the four-plex donated to Threshold Housing Society.  The renovation project will start September 19th, with the big reveal on October 5th.  The building will be used to house youth at risk of becoming homeless.

Celebrate Peace Day 2014

The International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”) is observed around the world on September 21 each year.  It’s a day devoted to promoting peace, within and among all nations & peoples.

This year’s Peace Day theme is “Rights of Peoples to Peace”, to recognize the 30th United Nations General Assembly Declaration on the Right of Peoples to Peace.

There are several local events listed in for anyone interested in participating in the celebration of Peace Day 2014.


On September 19th, Paul Latour and HeroWork will work his magic to make our community a better place to live by encouraging community involvement.

In June of this year, HeroWork took on the task of renovating a recently gifted apartment building that Threshold Housing will use to house youth at-risk of becoming homeless.  The renovation process is “radical” in that Paul uses vast community resources, volunteers,  local trades and professionals to engage in a very intense renovation of the property in less than two weeks (3 weekends).  The property will be put up to code, furnished and made user-ready.  Paul calls the process a modern version of barn-raising.

His goal is not just to help homeless youth, but give community members – you and I – the opportunity to get involved in a grassroots project that makes a vital contribution to fellow citizens.

If you haven’t already, please go to HeroWork and choose how you wish to support this fantastic project. Here are the dates to get involved and make a difference:

Youth Wrapped in the Warmth of “Blankets for Canada”

The wonderful ladies at Blankets for Canada contacted us & donated their beautiful works to our youth.  Here, four of our youth are beaming with gratitude for the warmth from Blankets for Canada.  It is such thoughtful support that helps to heal many wounds carried by adolescences who feel marginalized by their early life experiences.  Thank you Blankets for Canada for bringing joy into the world, one blanket at a time!