Emergency Preparedness

Recently as many of us are aware our region has been shaken up with tsunami warnings and  earthquakes. Here at Threshold we want to be prepared and our dream is to have an emergency kit for each of our houses and enough to cover all the youth in the program. Not only do we see the importance of having our youth prepared but as well as our community. To do this, we are fundraising for the proceeds to cover the costs of the kits for our youth.

We have partnered with Get My Kit for our community members be able to purchase kits for a discounted rate. All you need to do is go to GetMyKit.Ca and use the coupon code: Threshold. And the discount proceeds come to Threshold Housing, which means we will be able to cover the costs of kits for the youth in our program.

All we need to do is sell 80 kits to be able to cover the costs of kits for our program. We urge our community to spread the word, whether it is in person, email, social media, or over telephone. Please let your friends and family know that between today and March 7th they can go onto the website www.Getmykit.ca/shop to get a kit at a discounted rate!

This is a great opportunity to get prepared and help Threshold Housing fundraise.

We also invite you to attend our Emergency Preparedness Workshop put on by Get My Kit on March 7 at 5:30 pm where the staff at Get My Kit will go over the benefits of being prepared and give our community a chance to buy kits in person at a discounted rate with proceeds coming to Threshold.

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