Often, needs at Threshold change according to season, youths' circumstance and emergencies. A simple and helpful way to get involved with Threshold is to support financially. Your gift will provide flexibility and stability for us to best meet the needs of homeless youth in Victoria. Donate today

More Ways to Give

There are many ways to give and get involved with Threshold.

How You Can Help

You can help immediately by ensuring that we have the means to offer our services over the long haul. Inconsistent funding and partial funding means that our programs become fragmented. It prevents us from having long-term strategies to address the growing population of unaccompanied and unhoused youth in our region.

Donation Options

$35 Provides a week of emergency food for a youth OR stocks the resident food bank;

$50 Provides a gift certificate to buy toiletries and personal items for a youth;

$75 Provides a gift certificate for clothing and shoes;

$85 Provides a monthly bus pass in the Greater Victoria region;

$100 Sponsors life-skills training sessions for four residents;

$150 Pays for tenant insurance for one youth for one year;

$200 Pays for start-up costs for youth entering housing for the first time;

$350 Buys a new bed and mattress for a youth entering the housing program;

$450 Offers an emergency rent supplement for a month if a youth cannot temporarily pay rent;

$550 Sponsors accommodation for one youth for a month;

$_ _ For area of greatest need.

Have a spare suite?

Want to provide much-needed safe housing for a young person while they find their feet? Become a SHY Program landlord. Threshold is building a network of landlords and agencies who are willing to offer affordable and safe housing in South Vancouver Island for youth age 16-24.

Threshold takes care of all the details. We coordinate directly with landlords to ensure timely rent and positive behaviour. Youth we house are not street entrenched, in detox, recently released from detention or struggling with substance abuse. You can be the hand up many youth are looking for.

Types of units needed:

You will receive:

Youth you house enter into an agreement with Threshold and receive one-on-one support towards achieving personal growth and learning new life skills. Your provision of stable housing can be the determining factor for their success in school or work.

Volunteer your time!

Threshold is looking for volunteers to assist with our monthly Plastics Recycling & Bottle Drive, which takes place on the 4th Saturday of every month, from 9 – 11am, at St. Matthias Church (600 Richmond, at Richardson). Money raised through donated recyclables funds our Life Skills Program.

No heavy lifting or experience required. We will provide on-site training and gloves! You can choose to work with the Plastics Recycling or the Bottle Drive section or both!

If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity that is environmentally friendly and social, with a small monthly time commitment, this is the one for you!

If you are interested, please contact Threshold at 250-383-8830 or assist@thresholdhousing.ca or meet with Lu at the St. Matthias Church parking lot at 8:45am on the fourth Saturday of the month. See you there!

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