This week is Mental Health week and we have asked our staff members to demonstrate how they ‘practice what they preach’ when it comes to prioritizing their mental health! It is important that we treat our mental health as well as we do our physical health. Which means taking time every day or as often as we can to do something that makes our mental health feel even stronger. Whether it means we take naps, get our hair done, spend time with our family, go on barefoot adventures, or start our day with a fresh cup of coffee! #GetLoud with us and show us how you take care of your mental health! #MentalHealthWeek

“I love starting my day with a fresh cup of coffee!”

“This is me having about to have an afternoon nap on my first day off in a very long time.”

“I prioritize family time with my wife and daughter to help me find balance and restoration from a busy life. No matter how stressful the week has been they help me to relax, gain perspective, and reflect on all the good in my life”.

“Giving my daughter an opportunity to have a sword fight over the weekend :)”

“I’ve been seeing the same hairdresser since I was 15. He’s an amazing old friend. #hairtherapy”


Please visit these links to learn more.

How is our mental health like our physical health – to learn more Click here
Fact sheet for Mental Health week – to learn more Click here 




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