Threshold Painting Party a Great Success

Thank you for all involved in the Theshold Painting Party!  What a fun time the volunteers had, and all for helping future transitional youth in the Greater Victoria area.

Threshold House, our newest home, will open this September 1st, and the preparations are well on it’s way, including this past Saturday’s painting party.  Staff & volutneers have been renovating & painting busily at Threshold House this month, and we are looking for all the help we can get.

For more details, please read the Times Colonists article by reporter Sarah Petrescu linked below —

For youth on fring, a home in Oak Bay

Home Depot makes a house into a Home for Vulnerable Youth

Home Depot team arriving at home for vulnerable youth

Home Depot team arriving at home for vulnerable youth

Home Depot Associates appeared on July 12 at a new Threshold facility under renovation. With military organization, the Home Depot team brought along 40 volunteers from Victoria, Duncan and Vancouver to do a “painting-blitz.”  The new house, located in Oak Bay (Victoria)  is over 6000 square feet with 8 self-contained living units, a commercial size kitchen and common areas.

These amazing volunteers painted all the rooms in just under 5 hours!  Organized by Cameron Rundell and Brendon Campbell with the help of Deanne Pickering, Jason Handley  and “Captain Morgan,” this amazing team were organized into sma

Youth homelessness an unseen crisis in Victoria

Published in Victoria News By Pamela Roth, June 8, 2016 · 8:55 AM

There’s been a lot of attention on the growing amount of homeless people accumulating on the lawns of Victoria’s courthouse.

Neighbours living in the area continue to deal with an increase in crime. Now police have dedicated two officers to patrol the area six hours a day, seven days a week.

But as the province prepares to take the campers to court again at the end of the month with hopes of shutting tent city down, Mark Muldoon is concerned a bigger homeless crisis continues to be ignored.

Victoria BC Youth Homlessness

Don Denton/Victoria News
June 3 2016 – Tents and other structures along Burdett Avenue in Victoria’s tent city..

Community Supports More Housing for Youth in Greater Victoria

Home Depot supports Youth Housing

Left to right: Jo-Ann Roberts, Dennis Anholt, Threshold Board Chair, Brendon Campbell and
Deanne Pickering from Home Depot, and Mark Muldoon, Executive Director of Threshold Housing.

One of the best ways to solve homelessness is to prevent people from becoming homelessness in the first place, and that’s what we do at Threshold,” says Mark Muldoon the Executive Director of Threshold Housing Society. Threshold provides supportive housing for youth age 16-24.

Threshold Housing Society is in the midst of a fund raising campaign to raise $100,000 for renovations to a new project which will provide housing for youth at risk of becoming homeless. The campaign is called 100 Doors of Opportunity. Thanks to a major donation of $30,000 from Home Depot, $20,000 from a private donor and $7,000 from individual donors the campaign has reached more than half its goal.

Preventing Homelessness Before It Starts – Times Colonist

The following op-ed piece appeared in the Times Colonist on April 27, 2016 by Mark Muldoon, Executive Director of Threshold


I applaud Beth Sayles’ courage to speak out about her childhood tragedy and for adding her name to the growing list of advocates calling for more help for those with mental-health challenges (“Out of a horrific past comes a quest to help those with mental illness,” April 22).

The recent release of the Final Report: Child and Youth Mental Health in British Columbia — Concrete Actions for Systemic Change by the province’s Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth is a welcome sign of hope to youth in the province.

Paying it Forward – Love as Legacy

Diocesan Post April 2016 Planned Giving for Threshold Housing

Can Threshold Housing be a part of Planned Giving?

Mark Muldoon, Executive
Director of Threshold Housing
The Rev. Michael Hemmings

Rarely have I met anyone, among many age groups, who doesn’t want to believe that their life has meaning. We are sometimes assailed by a gnawing doubt that our lives have meant very little. This is true especially of many seniors who, despite the fact they may have raised a family and had a successful career, feel empty.

Measuring ourselves in our senior years is complex. We count our blessings differently, depending on how we learned to count and what to count. However, the quest for meaning doesn’t seem to grow old with us. It remains inside as a type of eternal calling, asking us questions and even making us feel uncomfortable at times.Planned Giving for Threshold Housing Victoria BC

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