Mel Cooper of TELUS Brings Youth Hope in Greater Victoria

Threshold Executive Director, Mark Muldoon, receiving a $10,000 grant from TELUS via Mel Cooper, Chair of the TELUS Victoria Community Board.

On Saturday, May 9th, 2015, , Mr. Mel Cooper, visited Threshold Housing Society, and presented Threshold with a fantastic grant to support youth transitional housing in Greater Victoria. In the March 2015 study on youth housing released by the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness, the current state of housing for at-risk youth was stated to be in “a crisis” with youth 19 and older being in “dire” need.

Threshold staff surrounded Mel as he told the stories of inspiring organizations that the TELUS Victoria Community Board has helped and why they help.  The staff were grateful for the grants we received from TELUS, and filled with joy and acknowledgement that Threshold were choosen to receive a community grant.

Kintara Women’s Chorus Donates Concert Proceeds to Threshold

A local chorus of approximately 50 women, Kintara Women’s Chorus, conducted by Signi Murgatroyd, MMus., BMus., A.R.C.T. (Voice), is donating the proceeds of its upcoming concert to Threshold Housing Society.

“The Rhythm of Life” Concert by Kintara Women’s Chorus will be held at St Aidan’s Church (3703 St Aidan’s Street) this Saturday, May 9th, starting at 7:30pm (door opens at 7pm). Admission by cash donation.

Threshold appreciates the kind donation from Kintara Women’s Chorus, and encourages music-lovers and friends of Threshold and Kintara to join us for an evening of beautiful chorus music.

For more information on Kintara Women’s Chorus, visit their website:

Pathways Out of Youth Homelessness 2015

Further to the study released by the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness (GVCEH) in March 2015, entitled, Youth Pathways In and Out of Homelessness in the Capital Region, the GVCEH produced an infographic that details the various reasons why some youth fall into the risk of becoming homeless and the ways the community can help to avoid and prevent this negative path from happening.

TC News: GVCEH Report Finds Gaps in Help for Greater Victoria’s Homeless Youth

Photograph By DARREN STONE, Times Colonist — Researcher Meghan Ignatescue worked on this study by the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness (GVCEH)

The Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness (GVCEH) published a report indicating there are gaps in help for Greater Victoria’s Homeless Youth.

To see the full Times Colonist News piece, click below —

Bare Feet Journey to Safe Home & More

Every youth in our program has their own journey toward a stable, contributing life in the community. Our housing programs give them the stability they can build on to further themselves. Though we support and gently nudge as they are all unique and deserving, the path the youth choose to walk are up to themselves.

One of such youth in our program, KW, has chosen to walk barefeet on his daily 2-hour commute to a community college to study Hospice Care.  This is part of his journey to appreciation and service to others.

KW is featured on Sawatsky Sign-off of CTV.  Click on the link or picture below to watch the video

Threshold Saves Lives Through Self-Worthshops

You know the story of homeless youth. Now this is what happens after they find help from Threshold Housing Society’s Self-Worthshops.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to NOT have a roof over your head in the cold wet winter?  What if you had no warm soft bed to go to when it’s dark at end of the day?  Some of these youth don’t have to imagine — they’ve lived without homes, without that safe harbour.  The unlucky ones are still on the street or couchsurfing; the lucky ones found Threshold.  Here is what self-worth & stability really means for these homeless youth —

… Now that you’ve seen the video.  Imaging seeing these young faces looking up at you from a corner on the downtown street, begging.  What would their lives be like then?  What are their lives now with Threshold?

Sharing Stories: Threshold Housing Society — Mitchell House 2014

It was the night before Christmas, and all through the Scots Motel, many creatures were stirring: not only the mice. Skinny teenager Miles Winter was stirring also, or rather tossing and turning sleeplessly. The motel’s roaches were the worst when you felt them on your face, but at least they were silent. It was the scurrying sound of the mice that actually kept Miles awake, even on Christmas Eve, when everyone was supposed to be in a deep sleep dreaming of all they’d be waking up to…

To see the full story, visit —

Forrest House is Blessed & Thank you VICR!

Anglican Bishop Logan McMenamie giving blessing, accompanied by Cowichan Elder Bob Nye.

Forrest House is indeed full of blessings. On Saturday, December 6th, 2014, Bishop Logan McMenamie of the Anglican Diocese of BC gave a blessing for Forrest House, accompanied by Cowichan Elder Bob Nye who also gave his words of wisdom & blessing.

Friends & staff of Threshold Housing Society participated in the blessing, singing out loud in response after Bishop Logan spoke words of peace, warmth and strength filled with positive energy. The small crowd followed the Bishop, circling the house, visiting each room, spreading peace & joy.

Come to “17 Stories” by Bema Productions — Proceeds Goes to Threshold Housing Society

Bema Productions will be donating all proceeds currently from the live play “17 Stories” that opens at St. Matthias Church Hall this Sunday, January 11, at 2:00pm.

“17 Stories”
Bema Productions, in cooperation with St. Matthias, is pleased to announce a special performance of “17 Stories” by award-winning Canadian playwright, Caroline Russell-King.  This 85-minute contemporary drama is based on a series of interviews addressing and exploring personal loss as the lead character falls 17 stories from the roof of a high rise.  Despite the adult subject matter, the script incorporates many moments of humour.  Tickets ($10) are available from the office (250-598-2833), or at the door, with proceeds to the Threshold Housing Society.

See further details on the backgrounder following the poster.

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